Israel Day Twenty-Five

Hey blog people,

We spent our last day of July in this amazing country by starting at a WIZO Canada daycare. We spent the morning by helping the staff watch the kids. We played games and danced around to some crazy Israeli songs. After this “cute” adventure, we went to spend time Carmel Market. There was ton of clothing, Jewelry, and any accessory that you could think of being sold. It was packed from shoulder to shoulder, but it was cool too see what was being sold. After a few hours at the market, we walked to “Independence Hall”. This was the building where Israel was officially not under the British mandate. We went in and learned about the history of Israel and the importance of independence. Before he headed back to the hotel, we took a short stop at Rabin square. We learned about the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. We went back to the hotel and finished the night with a speaker from the Israeli Gay Youth (IGY) organization. We learned about the LGTBQ+ community in Israel, as well as the complex politics surrounding the community. Even though we are on the last stretch of our time in Israel, I’m excited to gain new memories and go on more amazing adventures.

PJ Litvack


Gabriel Helfant