Israel Day Twenty-Four

On our first full day back since specialty Family Weekend. We started off the day with a walk through the streets of Florentin, Yafo on a graffiti tour. Viewing all of the beautiful and meaningful graffiti that covers the city. Touring the streets and analysis the artwork, ending up at the warehouse with a photo shoot. After this we drove up to the coast with an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea. Whilst admiring the view we learned and discussed the diversity of people and stories in Yafo. From there we had a pizur lunch in the Yafo Flea Market where we ate delicious food and bought items for our loved ones at home. We then ventured to the Museum of Jewish People where we learned about Jewish humour, synagogues and hero’s in an interactive manor. The night ended off with dinner at the hotel and camper run programs.

Signing off,

Adam Lampert

Gabriel Helfant