Frequently Asked Questions

What if I never attended Biluim Canada  or Camp Kadimah CITs?

We gladly accept participants who have not attended either of the feeder camps.  

How many participants attend Poland?

We accept a maximum of 50 participants on Poland, as we like to keep the program small and intimate. 

How often do the buses see each other? 

The buses will often go a few days without seeing one another, which is perfectly normal on this program.  It is really important for group and bus dynamics that the campers are not together all the time.  However, there are a lot of days when buses DO see one another!  Don’t forget that you still have to plan the banquet dinner, Coffee House, Itons and slideshow for the end of the program! 

When should my child arrive in Toronto?

Any participants flying in from another city on the date of departure must contact Agnes by April 1st  to facilitate your child joining the group. Luggage will have to be re-checked at the ticket counter for the group flight. 

Luggage weight restrictions are enforced by El Al and LOT Airlines. Passengers are permitted  a MAXIMUM of 23 kilograms (50 pounds). If baggage weighs between  23 – 32 kg either it will not be checked in or a fee ranging from $30.00 – $100.00 will be charged and paid at the counter. 

How should I pack? 

Packing List can be found under Parent Handbook and Forms.  Remember, think practically and logically!  

  • Sleeping bags/liner are required for the program for all campers
  • Remember to bring Shabbat appropriate clothing (which in Israel is very casual) 
  • Campers must bring one pair of close-toed shoes. Running or hiking shoes are acceptable.  Flip flops and other sandals are NOT PERMITTED on hikes. 
  • Water shoes are required

How will I stay updated with program information during the year?

Our blog is constantly being updated along with our Twitter (www.twitter/biluimisrael) and Facebook (Biluim Israel) accounts.  We will be sending regular emails to both parents and participants with updates, reminders and program dates. All updates and forms will be posted on our website

How much spending money should I have? 

Please ensure that your child comes to Israel with the equivalent of $500.00 CAD cash, that will be exchanged upon arrival. We have an exchange company that meets with our trip for this purpose.  Most participants additionally bring a combination of cash, debit card or pre-paid VISA. Anyone going to Poland should have some money to exchange at the hotel desk as they may wish to purchase water, popsicles, or books at  the Jewish museums. Please note: there are NO EUROS in Poland please bring Canadian currency. 

Does Biluim Israel allow cell phones?

Cell phones are allowed, however cannot be used during any scheduled program. If participants are caught using their phones, they will be confiscated immediately. 

How does Family Weekend work?

The locations for drop off/pick up are in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  Please note that our staff call all of your relatives a week prior in regards to the pick up and drop off locations so you do not need to contact us to get the info to provide to our family.  In addition, we will email all parents the information so that you have it.  Any parents going to Israel to visit their children for Family Weekend should be in touch with Agnes/Ryan prior to their departure so that we can provide the necessary staff contact info in Israel.  

Is there Trip cancellation / Medical Insurance? 

All participants must purchase medical insurance for the duration of the trip.

Drinking and Drugs 

If any campers are found with drugs or alcohol, they are dismissed from the program.  Campers dismissed for anything related to drugs or alcohol, face the heavy penalty of not being involved in any CYJ programs for a year, including not being hired at any of our or affiliated camps. We ask that parents take it upon themselves to sit down and talk with their children about this issue, especially since Israeli and Polish Authorities treat the alcohol and especially drug issue very seriously.  If they are involved, campers will face serious trouble, as it is very difficult for us to protect them. 

What if I need Scholarship Information?

We encourage all participants looking for Scholarship information to contact Agnes Epstein, at our office (416) 781 – 5156 ext. 222. We can discuss our options together.