The Program


Biluim Israel is the final phase of Canadian Young Judaea’s Leadership Training Programs. For over 50 years the program has provided a unique summer experience for seventeen year-olds, combining leadership development, seminars, nature hiking and touring. Named after the “Biluim” who settled Israel in the 1880’s, our “Biluimniks” explore varied Israeli lifestyles and at the same time discover their Jewish identity. The chanichim also experience the feeling of camp within the Israel setting.  


General Program

Discover the amazing program that takes you on a journey of adventure, discovery, and education!

Volunteer opportunities

Learn more about the ways you can practice Tikkun Olam and experience new cultures and environments.


Poland Supplement

Travel to Poland and explore the past and present Jewish culture and heritage in Poland.




What are you waiting for? 

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Meet your Director and Staff

Meet the dedicated staff team that makes our trip so special. Many of our staff were once participants in the Biluim Israel Program or have other experience within Canadian Young Judaea.




The trip of a lifetime.

“Biluim Israel for me was by far one of the best summers I've ever had, and goes down as such a unique and wonderful experience that I wish upon anyone and everyone."

Naomi cohn | Biluim Israel 2017