Israel Day Twelve

Today we woke up in the Bedouin tents! It was an exciting experience and it allowed us to experience the diverse culture in Israel. We started off with a hike which had a beautiful view. We got to see some of the birds of prey which were in their natural habitat and learn about persevering wild life in Israel. We then drove to Ben Gurion’s grave. We learned about his life and why he decided to live and rest on a kibbutz. We then made our way to Jerusalem to look out over the city. It was a beautiful view and it was so special to enter such an amazing and holy place. At the look out we sang the prayer shechyanu to celebrate this special event; entering Jerusalem. We then made our way back to our hotel. For our evening program we had a lady from the boarders of the Gaza Strip tell us a bit about what life can be like to live in constant fear. She told us all about the daily life of her family and her neighbours. She spread a message of peace and love. We got to be a part of the message by writing messages of hope on stones that would go on a bigger wall spelling out shalom. Overall, it was an incredible day and we are looking forward to the next 4 days here. We are excited to experience a piece of what life is like in Jerusalem!

Jadyn Negin-Shecter

Gabriel Helfant