Israel Day Five

After two straight days of hiking, rafting and zip-lining, we had a more relaxed day today on Biluim Israel. We started off the day by driving to Tzfat and touring the city. We got to see different synagogues and learn about Kabbalah rituals. Afterwards, we learned from a Kabbalah artist named David Friedman who explained his artwork to us and the meanings behind them. Following our pizzur lunch and shopping time in Tzfat, we went to Hannaton where we had a presentation about history, zionism, society and conflict. We got a tour of the kibbutz and then we headed to a Bedouin village to learn about their lifestyles. Tonight we’re going back to our hotels for dinner and will have a camper-run evening program. I’m so excited to continue this jam packed journey! 

Grace Candiotti

Gabriel Helfant