Israel Day Four

Usually, early mornings are dreaded, but waking up knowing another amazing day is awaiting us is easy. After an amazing breakfast at the kibbutz, we drove into Matula to see the Lebanon border. We were lucky to hear the perspective of our bus staff, Aviad, and his stories of patrolling the border during his army service. Then we hiked the beautiful forest of Senir and learned about the water sources of the country. After that, we drove to Kfar Blum to experience the thrill of rafting, zip lining, tree top trekking and rock climbing. Now we are ready to head back to the kibbutz to enjoy dinner and have our first camper run program. Everyday of Israel has been better than the last and we can’t wait for the rest of the summer!

Aly Rosenzweig and Leigh Rudberg


Gabriel Helfant