Israel Day Twenty-Eight

We woke up in the Negev(desert), ready to start our day. From our kibbutz, we drove 30 minutes into a crater where we spent our morning hiking and learning about the formation of the rocks. The hike felt very long since the sun was shining down on us. Despite this, our moral remained high as we looked forward to the air conditioned bus. After the hike, we drove through the desert heading towards Eilat. We stopped by kibbutz, Ketura, to have lunch. We were shocked by the heat and were excited to go inside. Afterwards, we went to the Choco Besakit factory where we enjoyed delicious cold chocolate milk. We then continued our journey south to Eilat. We had time to hangout by the kibbutz and after dinner we enjoyed a fun camper run program. We are excited for the adventures to come in the last 6 days of camp.

Chazal Ve’Amatz

Alexa Shlien

Shira Barth

Julien Shecter

Gabriel Helfant