Israel Day Two

Today was an early start for all of us. We had a 6:00am wake up to hit the road for a 2 hour drive to Tzfat.

This was the first time we were truly got to tour Israel. We met an artist and got learn about Kabbalat and the different meanings of the Hebrew letters. After that, we got to see some of the best synagogues that Tzfat had to offer and got to see the history of these beautiful landmarks.

Following that we had free time to explore the city, shop around and enjoy lunch. The food varied from falafel, shawarma, pizza and various fruit smoothies - all delicious!

Later on, we visited Buza, an ice cream factory, cofounded by a Jew and an Arab. We were able to try five of their signature flavours: strawberry, mixed berry, coconut, hazelnut and chocolate. Personally, this was my favourite stop of the day because not only did I eat mine but I also enjoyed finishing off all of my friends cups.

Next, we got to our kibbutz, where we will be staying for the next three nights. We settled into our rooms, hung out at the pool and had a delicious meal for dinner.

To close off the day, we had a bonfire together as a bus. We gathered under the stars, singing our favourite camp songs and eating s’mores.

Tomorrow is an early morning as we’re heading off on our first hike of the summer!

Chazak Ve’ematz

Jonathan Praw, Bus 1

Gabriel Helfant