Israel Day Twenty

Greetings Parents,

Today was another great day here for all of us on Biluim Israel. Unlike most other days where we each bus tours with their own tour guide, today we were given the ability to roam around a small town called Zichron Yaakov. Busses were divided into small groups and tasked with completing a scavenger hunt around the town. We toured the town visiting many important spots such as the synagogue, a community centre, and historic buildings.

After we finished touring the city, we were given free time to have a pizur lunch along the main street. There were a few nice cafes and small restaurants where many people ate a nice lunch with friends.

Once we were finished with our lunch in Zichron Yaakov, both busses enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the beach at Kibbutz Nahsholim which is just south of Haifa. A few hours later, bus one left to return to their kibbutz just north of Tel Aviv.

Overall today was a great relaxing day for all of us here at Biluim Israel.


Jordan Epstein

Gabriel Helfant