Israel Day Seventeen

We woke up early excited to reunite with our chevra after a relaxing family weekend. Campers were picked up from Jerusalem, Latrun and Tel Aviv and after a quick hello, went their separate ways. Bus 1 visited the Palmach museum and Bus 2 headed to the Tel-Aviv beach.

At the Palmach museum, we received an interactive learning experience of the elite fighting force of the Haganah over the course of 10 years. Through this museum, we were shown the trials and tribulations of the young men and women who risked their lives for a Jewish state.

Our time at the beach was filled with laughter, big waves and jelly fish. Some campers enjoyed a day in the sun while others had fun jumping over the waves. Whether it was playing volleyball or drinking iced coffee, we made sure to wear a hat, sunscreen and drink lots of water.

After our eventful morning, we had the opportunity to learn about the history of Tel-Aviv and the tremendous development that has overtaken the now modern city. Both buses enjoyed a yummy lunch in the old city of Jaffa. There were many delicacies for everyone to chose from, ranging from schnitzel to smoothies.

After an hour and a half of free time in the market, the buses switched activities for the day. Bus 1 went to the beach while bus 2 had an educational afternoon at the Palmach museum.

The day ended with us arriving to our new home for the next few nights. Bus 1 went to Kibbutz Shfayim and bus 2 went to Kibbutz Nachsholim. As a part of bus 2, we were able to enjoy the beautiful sunset by the ocean. After dinner, we celebrated the birthday of one of our fellow chanichim.

Although we have a 6:20 wake up, we are excited for the adventures to come as we conclude the first day of the second half of the summer.

Chazak Ve’Amatz

Shira Barth, Adira Davis, Alexa Shlien

Gabriel Helfant