Israel Day Twelve

Once again Billuim Israel had an early start. Bus 1 woke up at 6:45 and bus 2 at 7:45. Good thing I am on bus 2.

In the morning we arrived at the old city of Jerusalem. We learnt all about the history of the old city. We focused on rituals of both Judaism and other religions.

We had a pizur lunch in the old town. People had, shawarma, burgers and bagels. After lunch we were off to visit the western wall. This was my first time at the wall. It was very memorable and touching to close my eyes and take a few moments to connect to God.

Following lunch we went to the underground tunnels of the Kotel. We learnt about the destruction of the temples and the remains. In the tunnels we saw aqua ducts, mikvas, and stone from the original temple.

After a long educational day we ate a good hotel dinner. To end off the night a speaker from the Women of the Wall organization came and spoke to us about the struggles women experience within praying at the Kotel.

Tomorrow we have another early morning but we are supper excited to see more of Jerusalem.

Chazak Ve’ematz,

Julia Gutzin

Gabriel Helfant