Israel Day Twenty-Seven

We started off the day with a 4 am wake up. It was a hard wake up but it was totally worth it. We went up on a beautiful hike to watch the sunrise. It was hot and tiring but the view was worth every step. After we hiked down we returned to the Eilat field school for a back to bed!!! Once we were a little bit more rested we went to the Eilat hub. We learned all about innovation and start ups and had a chance to create our own pitches. Soon after that we headed out to the ice mall in Eilat for our last pizur lunch of the summer. We were given more than two hours of free time to eat, shop, and have fun. The fun didn’t stop there; next we went snorkelling in the Red Sea!!! We had a chance to see the coral, schools of fish and even a water snake. Later that night we had an amazing camper-run program where we all talked about our summers and how amazing it has been to get to know our bus mates. The day was filled with lots of amazing activities and was a blast!!

- Jeri Spielberg

Gabriel Helfant