Israel Day Two

Today was a fun and jam packed day. We started off at Bahai Gardens, which is a garden terrace around the Shrine of the Báb, on Mount Carmel in Haifa. The view was magnificent! After that, we headed back on the bus and drove to a village where a group of people live who belong to the Druze faith. We were going to have lunch there and learn about their religion. When we arrived, we were greeted with a warm welcome and bright smiles by the lovely family living there. The food was delicious and wouldn’t stop coming. It was really interesting learning about this minority group and their beliefs. Afterwards, we headed over to the Rosh HaNikra Grottos. To get there, we had to take a quick cable car and it is actually the steepest in the world! When we got there, we first went into a cave and watched a short video which gave us some insight on what we were about to see. We walked through these tunnels and saw beautiful blue water. It was breathtaking and everyone wouldn’t stop taking photos! Yes, the day continues! We got back on the bus and headed to a gorgeous beach. Everyone was in the water swimming and splashing around! The laughter, smiles and joy was contagious. For dinner, we were treated to delicious pizza - yum! Afterwards, each bus headed to the kibbutz they are staying at. Tonight we did an opening mifkad and had a discussion about what the week would look like. So far, our first day of touring has been phenomenal! Our staff are amazing and everyone is getting along so well - I mean what could be better than traveling in Israel! 
Can’t wait for what is coming next!

Rebecca Laskin, Bus 2