Poland Day Four

This morning we had the pleasure to open a synagogue that has been inactive for over 50 years, in a community with no Jewish people. Our participants shared the simcha of Risa Epstein's nephew, Nathan, as he had his Bar Mitzvah in the same Synagogue as his grandfather, Phil, who joined him on the Bima. We sang, we cried, we laughed and brought Jewish life and Ruach back to a place that has been a symbol of loss. After that, we had a beautiful Kiddish lunch, and visited the Lodz Holocaust memorial. We are now in Warsaw, where we toured the Jewish Cemetery and are resting up for our tour of the Warsaw Ghetto tomorrow. Today was a day that will not be forgotten.

Am Israel Chai, Chazak Ve'Ematz. BI 2018 

Gabriel Helfant