Welcome to The Biluim Israel Blog

Hello Biluim Israel families, friends, and participants!

This is the first post of many on our new "Biluim Israel Blog" that you can expect to see throughout the summer. Ryan and I have been working hard to make this a one-stop-shop for Biluim Israel families and friends who want to keep up to date with our trip, as it happens. 

Five weeks tend to fly by fast when you are traveling across Israel with all of your best friends; and because of that, we want to document the trip on a daily basis. Families and friends can use the blog as their most reliable source of trip information, while participants can look back on it after the summer to remember everything we did. 

The blog will consist of two types of posts:

1) Daily Updates

2) End of Week Recap and Photo Albums:

During the week, we will post a daily update of the day's events in a few sentences, as well as 3-5 photos to accompany it.

On the weekend, we will post our recaps and photo albums, which will include Ryan's Directors Note, our camper letter, and a photo album of each bus. Ryan's Directors Note is the best description of the week, explaining what we did and why we did it. Our Camper Letter is made for CYJ camps to read during their Friday night services, but it will also be included in the blog so you can read about the week from the participants' perspective. Lastly, you can expect to see 3 photo albums, divided by bus, included as part of this weekly post.

Please note that this blog does not replace the Biluim Israel Website, Social Media, or direct email, and anything you need to know will still arrive directly to your inbox.

We encourage everyone to follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter for more content before and during the summer, where we will also be uploading photos in real-time! We hope that all of these posts will bring participants' family and friends closer to the trip and our experience here in Israel.

We look forward to sharing our experiences with you.

Chazak Ve'Amatz,

Gabe Helfant and Ryan Peters

Gabriel Helfant