Adult Mission to Poland

Travel to Poland with Canadian Young Judaea. Experience the history of the Holocaust in Poland with the top tour guides and a small intimate group of your peers. This part of the trip explores past and present Jewish culture and heritage in Poland and includes the importance of the youth and youth movements during the war.  

Dates and Rates

June 25th to July 2nd, 2020 (Optional Israel Extension)

Program Cost: $4900.00 CAD

Upgrade for Single Room Accommodations: $500.00 CAD

Upgrade flight to Premium Economy: $900.00 CAD

Trip Highlights

Warsaw Walking Tour (Including tour of the Warsaw Ghetto and Uprising memorials)

Visit concentration camps Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, and Belzec

Learn about the vibrant Jewish life in Poland before the war

What is included

Israeli Tour Guide and Polish Pilot, Hotels (4 Star)

Transfers and Entrance Fees, All Breakfasts and 1 Dinner

CYJ Professional on the Bus


"My trip to Poland with CYJ was very emotional and meaningful. It was an honour and a privilege to travel with a survivor. Hearing his story first hand, was very impactful and made an unbelievable experience seem more real. I learned so much about life in Poland before and during and after the war. I feel as if I have a better understanding of my grandfather's life before the Holocaust. The trip was well planned and so well organized, and the staff were so knowledgeable." - Shelly Stein

"I had always wanted to see Poland, my parents birthplace before the Holocaust, and this was a trip of a lifetime. Every moment was filled with meaning and inspiration. My son was in the Biluim Israel group and I had the opportunity to meet up with him on many meaningful occasions... Sharing our sadness at time and our happiness at others. Risa made this trip even more special by arranging for our group and Biluim Israel campers to meet at my father's home and birthplace on the famous Lubartowska street in Lublin. It is a moment I will always cherish. This is a journey that will last a lifetime." - Ruth Gerlock